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VR 3D Glasses with headphones

Experience a breath-taking

3 Dimensional Virtual Reality Experience

VR 3D Glasses 

Shinecon - VR Shinecon Virtual Reality Glasses

Experience a breath-taking 3 Dimensional Virtual Reality Experience
Clip your smartphone into a pair of Virtual Reality (VR) Glasses and enjoy a fantastic 3D experience.
As we are well into the wondrous age of virtual reality, we want to bring this technology directly to you! Our immersive VR Headset will allow you to embark on a fantasy-filled journey.

Our state-of-the-art headset will enable you to enjoy a thrilling roller-coaster ride, walk with magnificent dinosaurs and visit uninhabited planets in space in the comfort of your own home. Embark on a Virtual Adventure. Our VR Headset is lightweight and very comfortable. The headset comes with T-shaped straps enabling you to adjust the headset to fit your head perfectly. The comfortable design also decreases pressure around your eyes.

Enjoy High Quality Resolution

The headset is easy to use! Put your smartphone into the 3D glasses and enjoy hours of 3D virtual reality. People with myopia up to 600 degrees can also enjoy our VR Headset without their glasses. You can adjust the pupil and sight distance to ensure that everyone has a perfect 3D experience. Experience a 1000 inch big screen at a distance of 3m in 3D! We use ABS and 42mm diameter spherical resin lens. Our product displays high-quality resolution without distorting any magnified images. This means that you can enjoy the fantastic virtual reality experience for long periods of time without feeling visual fatigue or dizziness.

The headset is suitable for a variety of smartphones. The 3D VR Glasses are designed with headset, data and charge cables, however, you should not charge your phone during your immersive experience.

Main Features:
- The 3D glasses is made of high-definition optical resin lens materials without stimulation plastic sheet that is environmentally friendly, fully enclosed designed
- Virtual Reality Headset for 360 viewing and gaming
- Radiation Protection: Farsightedness and near-sightedness settings
- Object Distance Adjustment: One key to control
- Focal Distance Adjustment: The adjustment of focal length can be up to 20 mm
- High-definition Optical Resin Lens: Perfect for video, movies, games, etc.
- Ventilation Thermal Design can effectively alleviate the mobile heating problem
- Elastic Band Design convenient to wear the 3D glasses on your head, adjustable elastic headband, for a variety of head type
- Private Images / Theatre, other people can not see anything except the wearer himself
- Convenient to Use for watching at anytime anywhere whether sitting, lying or standing
- Without Visual Fatigue and Dizzy even you use long time with the resin lens
- Soft Elastic Head Bandage: The humanized design is convenient to wear the 3D glasses on your head
- 3D picture of the screen effect is pretty good, and you get awesome feelings
- Suitable iPhone 6S / 6 / Samsung / Android 3.5 - 6 inch screen smartphones